Moving Tips

Moving During Busy Times in Chicago

When we realize we have to move it could be an exciting time in our lives. Sometimes we go through motion and forget to focus on the essentials moving closer and closer to our move date.This is when we scramble and hope to find a Chicago Moving Company that has availability for our move coming up and the catch is it’s already here by next week. As we scramble through local movers to call and get booked up for our specific move date and time, there are some things we should focus on in order to be fully prepared for our move.

Being prepared for our move is essentials. Here are 5 tips that will help you be prepared for your move in the windy city.

Tip 1: Make sure you have the appropriate parking in place for your movers on move day. If there is parking that needs to be reserved make sure you go to your local aldermans office and get some no parking signs to post up on the trees in front of your current residence and future residence about 48 hours prior to your move date. There are many ways you can post these signs to tree but the best ways we have noticed here at Level 505 , is by using shrink wrap. You can buy shrink wrap at a lot of grocery stores or even at your local home depot. You would put the no parking sign on the tree and shrink wrap it tight to the tree making sure it is visible to the people driving through.

Tip 2: Make sure you have a good amount of boxes. We find that Home Depot is really good about supplying. moving boxes at very cheap rates. Don’t worry if you overdo it on the boxes because your able to take back boxes that you dont need for a full refund if unused. They supply packing paper, boxes, wardrobe boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. Your whole move is covered if you use boxes from home depot.

Tip3: Make sure you reroute all of your utilities, cable, and internet to your new home address. By doing this, you wont be overpaying or overlapping your utilities payments and staying ahead of the curve on this will make sure you have all your utilities set up for your new home the day you move in without having to worry about electricity or heating not turning on. In addition, be sure to contact usps and let them know your doing an address change so you can re-route your mail and have it forwarded to your new home address.

Tip 4: Communicate with your moving company and be full prepared for when the day finally comes and they show up. Nothing makes a longer dreadful move than when people are not ready and still have to pack while movers are trying to do their job by moving furniture and items while there is still a bunch of things not packed yet creating more obstacles and more time during the move.

Tip5: Its a good idea if you have a family with kids and pets to take them somewhere else whether they can visit with grandma for the day or at a daycare or pet center for the duration of the move. This will allow movers to do their job professionally and efficiently as well as avoid the much stress and complications if a dog or cat were to run away from a door being opened or god forbid if one of your children were to get seriously injured during this move.

Hopefully at Level 505, we can be level with you and now you have some good essential tips when your time comes and you have to move your home to a new address. Subscribe to our blog in order to get awesome tips on moving in Chicago.